Eligibility for a Car Insurance

Getting a car insurance policy in India is rather simple. You are eligible for an insurance plan as soon as you buy a vehicle of your own. In fact, it is compulsory to insure your car and driving without a valid motor insurance plan is illegal. There are however some finer eligibility norms that you must adhere to in order to get the desired car insurance plan of your choice. Let us find out what they are.

Is it important to check eligibility in car insurance?

Though you require a car insurance policy at any cost, it is always a good idea for you to check the car insurance eligibility before you go shopping for a plan. There are some requirements that you need to cater to. For instance, you must have a parking space reserved for you. In case you don’t have that currently, hire one and then buy your car insurance cover. This will make it easier for you to get the plan you like. Therefore it can safely be said that checking the car insurance eligibility criteria is a very beneficial thing to do.

How to check eligibility in car insurance?

It is actually quite easy to check your eligibility. If you have a preferred car insurance provider, just visit their website. You will get a detailed list of the eligibility criteria there itself. If however you do not know which plan to buy, just run a quick online comparison on websites like Coverfox.com of all the available options. Once you find your ideal cover, go to that particular insurer’s website and check the list. It is a quick and easy process that you can complete in just a few minutes.

If however you like the old-school method, then you always have the option of asking your insurance agent for the details. Alternatively, you could also call up your insurance provider or visit their office and get the details regarding the car insurance eligibility checks.

What are the car insurance eligibility norms?

Here is a list of the common car insurance eligibility norms that most insurance providers stick to:

  • Age – Minimum 18, maximum 65
  • Income – Minimum INR 10,000 a month
  • Place of residence – India
  • Car – Make and model should be registered in India or abroad
  • Status of employment – Self-employed or salaried
  • Parking space – Indoor or outdoor, rented or own

If you check all these points, you will surely be eligible for a good car insurance policy of your choice. Run the eligibility test, just to see if there are any areas you need to work on. If there are, get them fixed and proceed to buy your plan.

How to buy a car insurance plan?

Once you get the car insurance eligibility check done, the next step is to actually buy the insurance plan. For this you need to go online, run a quick comparison and buy your plan then and there. Like mentioned above, there are many good insurance providers who offer excellent car plans online. Select the insurer you think has the best cover for you. The internet has made it very easy for you to buy and own car insurance. You don’t have to go to your insurer’s office or even worry about submitting hundreds of documents. You can comfortably sit at home, enter some basic information about yourself and your vehicle, make an online payment and own an excellent car insurance policy in no time.

On the other hand, you can approach an insurance agent and buy an offline plan. There are some excellent options there too, though buying your plan offline will take a longer time and may cost you a few extra bucks too.

The bottom line

Car insurance is easily available. However, to avoid any last minute surprise, you should always run an eligibility check in advance. As you saw, it indeed is very easy to do so. Make use of the modern day digital aids and you won’t have any difficulties knowing whether or not you can own a car insurance policy of your choice. Thankfully most vehicle owners easily make the cut and you should too. If by any chance you don’t, you can easily rectify the problem areas and move forward. So do keep all the points mentioned above and mind and then begin your car insurance purchase process. Once that is done, enjoy taking your vehicle out for a spin with a good car insurance plan protecting it at all times.