Here’s a close look at HR marketing and its potential

It’s rather natural to relate marketing with selling products. However, marketing is a comprehensive term with many applications, human resources being one of the spheres. In recent years, many marketing experts have fondly spoken about HR marketing and how it can actually change everything we knew about launching a recruitment campaign. In this post, we will try and decode HR marketing and what it can do for your business.

We were hiring people anyway – why spend on HR marketing?

That’s an obvious question that many businesses with HR departments have in mind. However, what they fail to realize is the fact that HR marketing isn’t just about acquiring talent, but more about attracting the right people. The best professionals are not after big paychecks, which is something that many entrepreneurs believe. When it comes to filling up key positions, hiring the best talents is important, and there are four major steps of achievement in HR marketing, namely –

  • Attracting talent
  • Acquiring talent
  • Incorporating talent
  • Retaining talent

HR marketing focuses on all these aspects at the same time. There are marketing agencies that do everything that a brand needs to get the right people onboard. The process often takes time, but the idea is to use the right digital and traditional mediums and create a talent acquisition plan that works. It is also of great importance to focus on retaining talent, which is about creating a positive environment, encouraging and offering scope for growth for employees. Basically, it’s all about offering them enough beyond the paycheck to keep them engaged and aligned with the business goals.

Should we outsource HR marketing?

That’s a call that businesses need to take after considering all the relevant aspects, including the budget. For small budgets, it is rather not economically viable to hire an in-house team for HR marketing. There are agencies that can get the job done for a fixed budget, and the best ones work with small and large brands alike. The focus of HR marketing is often about transforming a regular company into an employer brand, and for that, these agencies keep pushing the boundaries.

If you are still contemplating HR marketing for your firm, consult a marketing firm and seek their inputs. You may also get an idea of how to scale the costs and keep the overall project in control, despite assigning the job to a third-party agency.