How CRM Software Is Different From Marketing Automation Software

There are several different ways by which a business can enhance its marketing efforts. Two of the most important ways are, using a marketing automation software and CRM software. The key difference in both of the software lies in who they aim. Where CRM software focusses on sales, marketing automation software, on the other hand, is focused on sales.

About the significance of incorporation of investing in CRM software

CRM is defined as a powerful strategy that manages all types of interactions of the company with its existing and prospective customers. This system helps in saving information like name, address, phone number, job title and interactions of a customer with the company.

Automotive CRM software helps in gathering information, which shows about the actual time period a customer has been associated with a business. It also helps in making records of purchases they are made by the customer in the past.

CRM software help in saving the date of any telephonic conversations that have been made with the contact. This includes inbound emails that are sent to the customer service and sales team.

Advantages of marketing automation software

Marketing automation software allows companies to automate, streamline, and measure marketing operations and workflows. This software stores all customer related information in the same way CRM software performs it.

Marketing automation software foster leads and prepare them for the sales team. At the time, when the sales lead progresses through the funnel and gets converted to a qualified sales lead, companies begin to track their interactions via a CRM.

Marketing automation enables a user to follow activities of a prospect that include when customer visits a website, opens an email, reads the business blog, or fills out a form.  Sales representatives normally use this software to track and schedule marketing campaigns, email campaigns, bulk business to customer interactions.

Benefits of CRM systems

Sales team use CRM data for optimizing direct interaction between the customer and company. This is done to enhance customer and sales satisfaction. Sales personnel by using a CRM software can figure out the level at which a customer lies in the sales procedure and assist them in closing the deal.


Though marketing automation and CRM systems may at first look similar thing, they are tailored to meet different types of roles in an organization. Their differences make them valuable to the distinctive teams that they serve in a business.