How to Outfit Your Restaurant Staff

It’s important to put your restaurant staff in good-quality uniforms. The uniforms need to be good quality because they need to look great. They also need to be comfortable for your employees. A kitchen is a very hot and tense environment. It would make a difficult job even worse if the uniforms were not in good shape. Furthermore, the uniforms need to be good quality because they need to perform well. They need to hold up to the sweat, heat, spills, and repeated washing that is necessary for a restaurant staff. Each different job in the restaurant is going to have different uniform needs.

Find a Supplier

The first thing that you should do before you even begin investigating the quality of the materials being offered is to check to see which companies are offering multiple different types of restaurant uniforms. If you are looking for uniforms for your waiters, chefs, line cooks, and greeters, you will need different uniforms. If you find a chef uniform that you like but the supplier doesn’t also offer aprons for waiters, you would have to have to place at least two different orders. If there are minimum orders or shipping costs, this means that you’ll have to pay twice for uniform services. Those overlapping charges can get very expensive very quickly.

If you can get your uniforms from a supplier that supplies them all, it will streamline the process. You’ll spend less time and less money trying to secure uniforms. Once you’ve found a company offering diverse uniform selections, you need to decide if you’re going to hire or buy your uniforms.

Hire Your Uniforms

You have a few options for outfitting your restaurant staff. You can buy their uniforms and launder them yourself; you can buy their uniforms and have them professionally laundered. Lastly, you could hire their uniforms and have them professionally laundered by commercial laundry services in the UK. The latter is the most affordable and sensible option.

If you buy your restaurant uniforms, you’ll have to make sure that there are enough uniforms for everyone to have multiples. Then you will need to make sure that there are enough for some of them to always be fresh because they will need to be laundered regularly. Spills and such are very common in kitchens, which means that some uniforms will constantly be dirty. Washing them frequently will cost you thousands of pounds over the course of a year. The energy costs alone are enough to make buying your own linens a non-viable option. On top of that, though, you will also have to replace the linens when they wear out.

You’ll be responsible for the initial overhead of buying all of those uniforms. It will be very expensive to pay for all of that in a lump sum. Then you’ll need to replace them whenever they wear out. Even the best linens only have so many washes in them before they begin to fray. If you are using grey or black uniforms, they will start to fade fairly quickly even if you use a colour-safe detergent. You’ll then have recurring costs that you’ll need to keep up with; every time that a uniform looks shabby, you’ll have a new cost.

Alternately, you could hire your uniforms from a laundry service. They will be able to provide you with fresh linens whenever you need them. These linens are laundered by professionals and delivered to your restaurant. The linens will last longer than if you washed them yourself because the commercial laundry machines are designed to be as gentle on fabric as possible. They do not want to absorb the costs of buying new linens every time that they wear out; therefore, they design their machines and their linens to last as long as possible. They’ll pass those savings onto you. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about the expense of washing your linens. You’ll always have clean linens and your expenses will be stable.

Stable Expenses

It is generally underappreciated but having stable expenses is crucial to running a successful business. If your expenses remain about the same from month to month, you’ll be able to budget much more efficiently. You’ll know how much you need to make to break even and if you need a loan, you’ll know exactly how much to request.

Finally, once you have found a company that supplies a wide range of kitchen linens and have decided to hire your linens instead of buying, you should look for which linens you want.

Which Linens?

There are several different options for linens. You’ll need linens for your chefs, cooks, and waitstaff. A chef’s coat is typically distinct from the line cooks. They’re distinct from the line cooks because the chef has different responsibilities but also as a way of setting apart the chef as the leader of the kitchen. They come in several different styles that you can choose from. The styles tend to differ based on the bib size and shape as well as the size and shape of the buttons. The distribution of buttons can change as well. The line cooks tend to work in aprons. The aprons are useful because they are easy to launder and replace. They’re also interchangeable. Any of your line cooks can pick up an apron.

Chef’s pants are something that is often offered by companies. Chef’s pants are typically made to be lightweight and breathable while also being resilient. They need to resist fading and staining throughout their use but they also need to be light. A kitchen is a very hectic and very hot environment. Outside of the kitchen, the waitstaff will typically wear simple clothing. You can usually get waist aprons from a linen service. Waist aprons serve to set apart the waitstaff from your diners. Also, they allow the waitstaff to assist with some light food preparation.

If you follow these steps, you’ll get a great set of linens delivered to your restaurant whenever you need them and you’ll save money and time.