Secrets to Building Your Brand with Postcards in the Digital Age

Salespeople will tell you that it pays to advertise and that you must spend money to make money. How do you choose your right path? What are your options other than the already crowded social media or email lists, which provide the least conversion rates, even for great content? There is this big secret in the industry and that is the renaissance of the direct mailing system. Digging deeper we find a gem that is cost-effective and successful at the same time, both of which are the quintessential mini billboards of marketing – Direct mail postcards.

Over the years, the postage usages have gone up and down, but the message remains the same: “Wish you were here” — to visit my store, see my products, study my services, take advantage of my offer and buy! This kind of postcard marketing aims to attract customer into a face-to-face with the seller. Postcards make ideal tools that are easy to create, target, deliver and track. They give you good control of attracting new customers and keeping your client base informed and in touch with you.

Since you’re not eager to sink even more money into advertising, and since promotion is vital, even for the smallest of businesses, what can you do?

Here are 4 postcard-marketing ideas to think about.

Keeping it simple

The top tip to successful postcard mailing is keeping it simple and beautiful. It doesn’t require a ton of images and information; it should be a simple tug-and-hook technique which leaves your customer wanting to know more. Postcards are a personal feature that is always remembered for its sentimental value, making it a thing to keep.

All the steps to direct mailing

Just because the postcards are smaller beings than most other marketing tools doesn’t make it easier to get the right message across. A good designer and memorable copy are inevitable in your postcards.

Make it tangible and personal

The factor that makes postcards special in the digital age is the most non-digital aspect of postcards. They are tangible and personal because postcards are memories sent across to close people. Make sure your postcard does enough to get your space to the next tip.

Make it collectable

The postcard is a thing of beauty to many collectors and personal to most people. Make it an advantage because when your postcard finds their way to a diary or a fridge magnet they become part of a life and something special.

It’s no secret that good postcards are kept and remembered, so use it to build loyal and recurring customers that are almost impossible in today’s age.