Top Reasons to Hire a Mystery Shopper for Your Company

Customer services have become one the most important ways to retain customers. It can become the deciding factor on whether a customer purchases items from a business. So, with the increase in customer service, subsequently, there was a rise in the need for mystery shoppers. They can be used in several industries to measure the satisfaction around a service, product, operation, or facility. It is especially beneficial for retail stores, banks, hospitals, theatres, call centres, hotels, restaurants, gyms, spas, parks, shopping malls, government organisations, and airlines. The list can go on and on as mystery shopping has become vital in market research.

According to Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA), in 2005 mystery shopping services was a $600 million industry just within the United States. So, with the number of industries mystery shoppers serve and its benefits – mystery shoppers are becoming vital to a business’ growth. Businesses have found that the services of a field marketing company can help them greatly in the long run.

There are a number of reasons why a company should hire a mystery shopper. A mystery shopping and field marketing agency, can help companies identify learnings, analyse insights, and offer solutions. Below we’ll be going through some of the top reasons why it’s imperative for a company’s growth to invest in hiring mystery shoppers.

ImprovingQuality Of Service

Having a high-level quality of service is something all companies want. Many have spent a multitude of money and time in training their employees to offer excellent customer support and care. Nonetheless, the training of a business’s staff does not necessarily trickle down the chain as best as we would like. This is where mystery shoppers come in. They can uncover what type of service customers are getting and how to improve it.

Unbiased Staff Performance Monitoring

Staff are generally on their best behaviour when there are members of the upper management teams around. Hiring mystery shoppers are a way to see how employees behave and act around ordinary customers.Third party companies, like Tactical Solutions, send trained mystery shoppers to perform an evaluation based on your requirements.

Increasing Sales

Most businesses are selling a product or service so they spend considerable amounts of money and efforts on marketing. Performance audits are a way to help them uncover possible problems within the selling process so that they are able to increase their sales and profits.

ImprovingCompany Branding, Image And Competitive Edge

On top of coming into the stores, mystery shoppers can also email or phone a business at varying times to determine how good their computer and telephone services are. These audits can help businesses see any flaws in their systems where they can improve. You’ll always receive relevant and valuable information.

Informed Business Decisions

In addition to all its other advantages, mystery shopping can be a great diagnostic tool. With the results from the mystery shopper’s experience, a business can make informed and justified business decisions. In seeing what’s working, from a customer’s point of view, a business can adjust their services and training accordingly.

Identifying Development Needs

The results from a mystery shopper’s evaluation can aid in learning about any malpractice. No matter what the issue is, several solutions can be presented when the exact issue is known. So, if has anything to do with how the staff are dealing with situations, more training can be introduced to further aid the staff. A business will be able to channel their budget into the development of certain aspects; therefore, improving their brand image and sales.

Boost Morale And Recognise Staff

Mystery shoppers are not only there to spot the negatives, they also check what employees are doing right. Recognising good work has always had a positive impact, so in rewarding employees that achieve positive reviews, it creates an incentive for staff to do better and keeps morale high. By monitoring progress, it also allows managers to know which employees deserve a promotion or demotion.

Introducing mystery shopping can help receive valuable information about a business. It’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to gain a competitive edge against competitors.Mystery shopping points at the areas that need to be improved, it exposes problems and outlines possible solutions. Click here to learn more about mystery shopping guidelines, its industry, and the principals of MRS.However, not all mystery shopping services are equal, so businesses need to be careful when purchasing services from different companies.